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Expanded TBM 700/850/900/910/930 Pilot Transition & Recurrent Training

Turbine Solutions, Inc. instructors began giving flight instruction in the TBM 700 in 1999.  At first our goal was to provide the piston engine pilot the level of experience in the TBM 700 to enable them to get the most out of Simcom’s simulator course.  We also saw that underwriters required widely different levels of flight time in the airplane.  Some companies required 25 hours in make and model for a pilot while others wanted 100 hours or more before insuring the same pilot.  We began to ask ourselves, 25 hours of what and with whom?  We found new TBM pilots were getting their insurance company required flight time with a salesman on pleasure flights and business trips.   No formalized in-airplane training was being provided to any of the new TBM 700 owner/pilots.

When a new owner gets his or her airplane they frequently want to begin with business and pleasure travel.  While route checks to frequent destinations are an element of our syllabus, we limit that portion to meaningful training sessions.  It is difficult to provide training with family members or business associates as passengers.  On these trips the pilots want to get off to their meetings or gather with the family at the resort.  That being said, TSI will consider 4 trips to 4 different locations with passengers to be route-check training.   Further travel with passengers will be billed as pilot services at the rate provided herewith.  

To provide a structure, TSI gives a new TBM pilot a written description of his or her training program as well as a definition of what is training and what is not. We will provide a formalized transition training program with detailed VFR, IFR and Emergency training including equipment and route checks.  Our formal syllabus molds our training into a structured, but flexible, program ranging from 10 hours to 200 hours or more of in-airplane experience.  The amount of time required to complete training depends solely upon the pilot’s experience and ability to fly to an established standard.  Today TSI has a complete airplane systems and procedures classroom program.  The TSI flight-training syllabus is in line with FAA-Industry Training Standards or “FITS” program and incorporates scenario-based training.  We have completed over 400 initial pilot transitions to date and provide over 100 underwriter approved TBM 700 recurrent training certifications a year.

All TSI flight instructors are ATP rated pilots with thousands of hours of turbine experience gained in airline or corporate flying.   

Moreover, with over 19,000 hours in the TBM 700/850/900/910/930, TSI has more flight time in, and instruction given in the TBM 700 – 850/900/910/930 than any other training company.   

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