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Walt and Doug wanted to let you know about a new group training event that we will be holding at the West Houston airport in January of 2018.

January 6th-12th we will be in the Houston area conducting recurrent training.

Ground School will take place on Saturday January 6th at the West Houston’s Airport FBO’s Conference room from 9a-5p
Two days of flying will be involved in completing your recurrent. One day of VFR maneuvers and one day of IFR procedures.

Here’s the best part, we will come to any airport in the Houston area to complete the flying portion of your recurrent.

Additionally, for the first time, we are also offering one pinch hitter course with each recurrent. The fee for the recurrent and the pinch hitter course is $4,500.
So please, Contact US and let me know if you would like to participate.
First come, first serve, as we will only have room for six pilots and pinch hitter participants.


The team at TSI is currently planning two training events, February 9-11th and February 16th-18th in Camarillo, California.

We will have slots for six pilots in each event. Depending on what event you decide to attend, ground school
will start promptly at 0900 on the 9thh and 16th of FebruaryIf at all possible, please plan on arriving the day before.

Using KCMA, allows, for you who have their aircraftmaintained at Avex, to either schedule an annual, hourly
inspection, or avionics upgrade, before or after the event.Also, if any maintenance issues occur during the training, the
fix is on the field. An added bonus is that the majority of our

instructors live locally and we all save on traveling and housing expenses.
The host FBO and the Ground School will be at Air 7.
There will be attractive pricing available at the Four Seasons in Thousand Oaks, for those who decide to bring the spouse.
Flying alone, The Hampton Inn in Camarillo is located within five minutes of the airfield.

The cost of the recurrent training will be $3,500.
Please Contact US as soon as possible, your intention to attend and the dates you would prefer.
Walt, Doug, and the whole TSI team look forward to seeing you in Camarillo.

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